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When your Salad is grown under artificial light only and you can harvest every 6 weeks. When you do it in the middle of New York or Berlin. Just imagine your Supermarket grows your vegetables? Not possible? We know better..


Imagine you can compost your food waste on the spot removing 90% of your waste. Totally Environmental from Melbourne is making the technolgy available.

Tesla Powerwall
Nobody has a bigger vision than Elon Musk to shape our future and the use of solar energy. Tesla brings the Powerwall to Australia and the use of Solar Panels is not becoming a question of energy generation more less of a live style choice and the feeling of independence from your energy company.

Who we are

Bird of Paradise Design is a small innovative company working on individual contracts and also its own projects. Manly within the Retail, Hospitality, Food and Beverage Industry.

With it's head quater in Germany and Web Design Business in Busselton,we are offering a range of different products. From simple help with E-Mail Marketing, Repair work to established or new Websites, building of SQL database structures.

Customers of Bird of Paradise Design can count on fast response times and service which is focused on the delivery of customer friendly products. Websites build by us enjoy up to 100/100 in Google's customer experience rating.

From Google Business, Analytics, Tag Manager right to the delivery of complete Projects we can be your one stop shop. All websites are fully responsive and comply with the change of Google mobile standards.

Simple Steps to get you started with Google

There are a few simple steps to promote your business and they are all for free

      own your google business listing and fill it with content and informations

      google page speed insight, track how your website is going, how is it received and does it fit all devices


Our Customers are


  1. service work
  2. google analytics, google business and facebook establishment
  3. E Mail Marketing
  4. www.capelvale.com.au

Cartec Training Solutions

  1. CMS Orientated Website
  2. google analytics, google business & map
  3. Version6 integration
  4. API set up for events Calendar
  5. www.cartectraining.com.au

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